HostEXA does NOT tolerate the use of our servers for the sending of unsolicited bulk e-mail (spam) under ANY circumstances.

   Any client found to be in violation of our anti-spam policy will face immediate sanctions which may include the permanent removal of their site/domain from our servers without warning. No refunds will be given to offenders.

   If you wish to run a mailing list from your site, following these simple guidelines will greatly reduce the risk of you being reported for sending spam:
      1 - Don't assume that you can add an e-mail address to your mailing list because a visitor has used your services, bought your product or given their e-mail address for any other reason.

      2 - Make your mailing list DOUBLE opt-in. This ensures the owner of the e-mail address is the person who signed up for inclusion on your list.
   Put a form on your site which allows people to enter their e-mail address for inclusion in your mailing list. If the form has Yes/No check boxes for inclusion, set it to "No" by default.
   Upon receipt of a new sign-up send an e-mail which links to a page from which the subscription to your mailing list can be activated.
   There are many scripts available, some free, which will automate this entire process for you.

      3 - If you intend to sell or otherwise distribute your mailing list inform subscribers BEFORE they sign up. Give them the option NOT to receive e-mails from associated businesses/organizations and respect their wishes. Again, if using a Yes/No check box to offer this service, set it to "No" by default.

      4 - ALWAYS include an Unsubscribe option with every mailing you send out to your mailing list.

   Thank you for your co-operation in keeping HostEXA servers free from spam!